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Solar Technology  


Selling & Licensing IP Internationally


Solar Panel

Cleaning Technologies

Blizzard Solar is an international firm specializing in the development of autonomous cleaning technologies for the solar farm (utility scale solar projects) and residential solar industry.

The goal of each Blizzard Solar technology is to maximize the efficiency of solar power output in all weather conditions, and further eliminate the need for costly cleaning methods currently being used in the industry today.


While Blizzard Solar does not manufacture its technologies, we are looking to sell the innovations/IP to solar panel manufacturers and/or component suppliers who are interested in gaining a competitive advantage in the solar industry.


Blizzard Solar’s technologies offer panel manufacturers the ability to build the most efficient photo-voltaic and concentrated solar panels on the market. Offering customized and cost saving products to utility scale solar projects and the residential solar market.


Suppliers in the industry can benefit from Blizzard Solar's technologies by being the exclusive supplier of such products.


In working with Blizzard Solar, both panel manufacturers and component suppliers can be uniquely positioned to offer revolutionary and cost saving technology that will be sought after industry wide.

Our Technologies

Autonomous Winter Solar Panel

Effective snow and ice removal system

Solar Panel Autonomous Cleaner

Efficiently Cleans Residential Solar Panels of Surface Debris

RAMP Cleaning Device

Effective Parabolic Trough Reflector Cleaning System


Winter Precipitation Sensor

Effective Detection of Winter Precipitation




USA Headquarters

1700 Northside Dr. NW, Suite A7 

Atlanta, GA


Canadian Offices

Main Office:

359 Ave. Sainte-Croix, Suite 211
Ville Saint Laurent, QC
H4N 2L3

201, 11816-121 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta

Canada T5L 5H5

Please contact us for more information or to receive our executive summary. Blizzard Solar is currently looking to sell or license our technology to key players in the solar industry.


These technologies are currently available for sale to solar panel manufacturers and component suppliers.

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