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Effective Solar Panel Cleaning System

Solar Panel



SPAC is an autonomous solar panel cleaning system that operates in all conventional warm weather environments. The technology implements an internationally patented sensory technology that allows it to detect precipitation intensity and offer a customized cleaning response. The system is designed to detect and remove dust, dirt, bird droppings and any other caked on debris. This process uses very little power and implements water provided from precipitation or user supplied water sources. By keeping solar panels clean, the system ensures 100% operating efficiency at all times.

Consider two points: By the year 2020, there will be 4 million homes in the United States with solar panel installations. Further, by the same year, all new construction homes in California will be mandated to include solar panel installations as well. This trend for residential solar panel proliferation is massive and as there will be growing demand for autonomous solar panel cleaning systems. The potential for Blizzard Solar’s technology is significant.

There is a whole service industry dedicated to cleaning residential solar panels. Blizzard Solar’s SPAC technology will enable a current player in the service industry, an entrepreneur looking to invest in the renewable energy space, a panel manufacturer, or a component supplier to corner the residential panel cleaning market. The SPAC technology would allow a firm to be in a unique position to offer an automated and complete panel cleaning solution to its customers, saving them significantly on the cost of ongoing manual cleaning services.

As a result of both energy gained and the elimination of costly cleaning expenses, another benefit is that this system pays for itself very quickly thereby allowing for a high rate of return on investment in a short period of time. This is a very convincing proposition to consumers and can be very profitable to the manufacturer/supplier.

This technology also offers the manufacturer and component suppliers an opportunity for potential future sales of photo-voltaic modules, while providing value added service and replacement components.

The SPAC is easy to install, hooks into the panels own output and uses a minimal amount of energy. The flexibility of the technology allows its manufacturing to accommodate any panel size, the ability to be sold as an after-market product, as well as be incorporated into solar panel production as a value added product.


Whoever owns this technology will control the significant and growing residential panel cleaning market.


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