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Winter Solar Panel
Effective Snow & Ice Removal System



Solar Panel

AWSP is an autonomous system which removes winter precipitation from photo-voltaic panels, allowing them to operate efficiently in all conditions where frozen precipitation may accumulate. The technology ensures maximum photo-voltaic efficiency in areas snow and ice would normally reduce or negate solar energy output.

Snow and ice have traditionally limited photo-voltaic output in utility scale solar projects. The industry has been slow to penetrate these markets where there is a preponderance of greater winter conditions. The AWSP is unique in its ability to maximize efficiency for existing solar farms located in winter environments, producing 100% PV output year-round there by gaining a leg up on competitors. Further, the AWSP can open up new markets for solar panel manufacturers and component suppliers as it addresses the traditional limitations associated with winter precipitation accumulation.

The system is equipped with components that autonomously detect and remove winter precipitation such as snow, frost, ice and sleet to ensure 100% panel efficacy in all operating conditions. The system uses grid power and/or power from its own self-contained battery compartment in areas without grid access.

The AWSP frozen precipitation removal process is completed without making contact with the panel itself, thus addressing insurance concerns and the potential of voiding warranties. In addition, the procedure is very efficient, ensures minimal heat/energy loss and addresses the traditional limitations associated with reversion-based panel heating methods.

This state-of-the-art technology is compatible with both framed and frame-less panels.


The AWSP promotes full PV output in all-weather environments. For solar park operators, this represents the ability to have full PV output all winter long.

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