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Precipitation Sensor

Effective Detection of Winter Precipitation




Blizzard Solar has developed the Winter Precipitation Sensor (WPS). The WPS has the unique ability to provide a solar panel manufacturer or component supplier with a significant advantage over competitors for solar panel winter operations.

The sensor can continuously monitor the solar panel’s upper surface for winter precipitation, activate winter precipitation removal, and sense and report when removal has been successful. When paired with an autonomous precipitation removal system (reversion system OR the AWSP from Blizzard Solar), the result is an optimally effective autonomous system suitable for many markets such as utility scale solar projects, remote installations and residences.

The sensor can also be used in non-winter precipitation conditions to monitor grime/other debris accumulation on the panel surface and provide status to the user for action.

This sensor is available for licence to panel manufacturers and component suppliers who wish to cater a personalized frozen precipitation removal system, which has a higher level of efficacy compared to what is currently available on the market. The technology is also for licence to individuals and operators that have a working solar installation in a winter environment. This innovation has the ability to optimize existing reversion systems to ensure maximum PV output year-round, and do so completely autonomously.


Blizzard Solar’s sensor technology is very flexible as it can be built into production design and can also be implemented into existing solar panel arrays by having the sensor placed next to a grouping of solar modules.

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Please contact us for more information or to receive our executive summary. Blizzard Solar is currently looking to sell or license our technology to key players in the solar industry.


These technologies are currently available for sale to solar panel manufacturers and component suppliers.

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