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Reflector Panel



RCD is an autonomous cleaning system for parabolic trough reflectors and Concentrated Solar Panel (CSP) installations. This innovation ensures maximum CSP energy output throughout the year by independently cleaning the reflector or panel surface upon detection of sand, dirt or other caked on debris.

Trough reflectors have the inherent limitation of significantly reduced power generation when sand, dirt and other debris is deposited or caked onto the surface of a panel. By removing these deposits, this technology can ensure that CSP farms and utility scale solar projects can operate at 100% efficiency without the need for costly cleaning crews and their specialized cleaning equipment.

The RCD technology can be outfitted in existing Concentrated Solar Panel farms or incorporated into the production of CSP’s for future solar projects. The RCD technology is significantly more cost effective than existing vehicles, robotic arms and human intervention, and offers a higher level of efficacy.

This technology has the unique ability to facilitate the proliferation of future CSP solar farms sales as a result of increased energy output. The RCD technology can differentiate competing CSP manufacturers and component suppliers in ensuring maximum photo-voltaic efficacy in all weather conditions.

Cities will benefit by implementing the RCD as operating costs of CSP installations will be reduced substantially. The RCD technology will allow its buyer to differentiate itself from all other manufacturers/suppliers in the market by offering clients such as cities, a very desirable product with much lower operating costs that will pay for itself.

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