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California Mandates Solar Panels Be Used In New Construction

Beginning this year all new homes built in California will be mandated to include solar panels for power generation. While this new law is a positive step forward in reducing America’s dependence on fossil fuels, it may also have an impact on consumers' pocket books.

Aside from the obvious costs such as materials and installation there are some hidden costs associated with solar panel ownership as well. Yearly cleaning and upkeep is essential in ensuring panels run at peak performance. Cleaning costs can average $150 per cleaning depending on the number of panels and is typically done on a quarterly basis. These hidden costs often take new solar panel owners by surprise but if left unchecked, can result in a massive decrease in power output.

Blizzard Solar has developed the SPAC, a revolutionary solar panel cleaning device that autonomously senses and cleans solar panels at the first sign of sand, dirt or any other debris on the panel surface. The system also detects when impediments are removed from the panel surface, so cleaning can be disengaged. Cleaning itself requires very little energy thus saving you time and money.

The technology can be built into solar panels during manufacturing or offered as an aftermarket system to be attached to existing panels.

Blizzard Solar is currently looking to sell the technology to manufacturers within the solar industry. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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