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More States Are Considering Legislation That Would Mandate Solar Panels On New Homes

Last year we covered a new California law which mandates all new home builds to be equipped with solar panels. It would appear that more and more states are following suit. Massachusetts is currently considering a similar law and some cities in Wisconsin are recommending that all future builds be solar ready.

Along with the growing adoption of solar panel use in the residential market comes the growing demand for solar panel cleaning services. According to a recent study in Renewables: Wind, Water, and Solar a panel can lose up to 40% efficiency from dust alone even higher when if you consider bird droppings and other contaminants.

Most home owners opt to hire specialized cleaning companies to periodically clean their panels. These companies can charge on average $150-$300 per cleaning. When you consider that panels may need to be cleaned multiple times per year depending on the environment it's clear that a less costly solution is needed.

This is exactly why Blizzard Solar has developed the Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaner (SPAC). This revolutionary solar panel cleaning device autonomously senses and cleans solar panels at the first sign of sand, dirt or any other debris on the panel surface. The Cleaning itself requires very little energy thus saving you time and money.

The flexibility of the technology allows its manufacturing to accommodate any panel size, the ability to be sold as an after-market product, as well as be incorporated into solar panel production as a value added product.

As Blizzard Solar is primarily a IP development firm, we are currently looking for a manufacturer to purchase this technology in order to bring it to market. Feel free to contact us for more details.


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