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The Problem Of Extreme Snow Events On Solar Energy In Southern States

The proliferation of solar energy continues into 2022. The new discourse follows the context of extreme weather, particularly snowstorms such as the Texas snowstorm of 2021 (also known as Winter Storm Uri). OCI Solar Power, based out of San Antonio, proposed a $115 million solar farm just outside the city of Crawford Texas. In fact, various regions across Texas are to have new solar plant farms go online sometime in 2022.

One limitation of solar energy is that snow accumulation on panels reduces photovoltaic output and is also energy intensive to remove. This is where Blizzard Solar's Autonomous Winter Solar Panel (AWSP) comes in to provide a solution. The AWSP is patented in Canada with expected patent approval in the United States this year. The technology is an autonomous system that ensures maximum photo-voltaic efficiency in areas where snow and ice can negate solar energy output. This is achieved by removing winter precipitation from photo voltaic-panels in a extremely energy efficient method, which does not involve any physical touch with the panel itself.

Blizzard Solar will be reaching out to park operators and panel manufacturers in Canada and the United States with this revolutionary innovation. Blizzard equally looks forward to the implementation of this of ice & snow removal technology that addresses key solar industry winter concerns.


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